Privacy Policy

Controller of Personal Data

Emues Group AB, identification no 556790-7026, (below ”EMUES”), is the controller of personal data for the processing of personal data and other information about you, collected on this website.


By using this website you accept the terms and conditions set forth in EMUES’ Privacy Policy. When you send personal data and other information through the website you confirm and give your consent to the use and processing of the personal data and/or information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. You can at any time withdraw your consent by contacting EMUES.

What is GDPR?

The GDPR is a new comprehensive data protection law in the EU that updates existing laws to strengthen the protection of personal data. It replaces the patchwork of national data protection laws currently in place with a single set of rules, directly enforceable in each EU member state. It is effective from May 25, 2018. EU residents will now have greater say over what, how, why, where, and when their personal data is used, processed, or disposed. This rule clarifies how the EU personal data laws apply even beyond the borders of the EU. Any organization that works with EU residents' personal data in any manner, regardless of location, has obligations to protect the data.

We fully understand and support this. We collect as little personal data as possible.

The GDPR applies to all organizations operating in the EU or processing "personal data" of EU and Switzerland residents.

Under the GDPR, the concept of "personal data" is broad and covers any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (also called a "data subject"). Personal Data is anything that you could conceivably use to identify a person within a larger group, that includes name, address, email, ip address, cookies, location etc.

The data we collect and why

  • We collect email addresses for the account system. Every account is unique due to the uniqueness of the email address, which is used to identify you as a user, log you in, notify you, connect you with friends and collaborators.
  • We collect names in order to make the interaction between you and other members easier.
  • We collect the additional information that you may add to your profile and/or feed to improve your profile and user experience for you and other members, this data is stored until you delete it or until you delete your account.
  • We collect the information you chose to post or upload, and this information is stored until you delete it.
  • We collect IP addresses in order to detect the misuse of the system, combat abuse, and for logging purposes.
  • We collect first names, last names, addresses, cities, countries only from paying customers, for billing purposes.
  • When you connect with Facebook, Google, Twitter or other services we collect and store your username for those services, so we can read/write language files from/to your repos.

Collection of Information

An active collection of personal data and information about you may be made when you register as a user of EMUES’ services, order tickets or otherwise use the website.

The processing starts when you create an account and ends when you delete it or ask us to remove the data.

When using the website, EMUES or third party may collect certain personal data and other information about you without you having to actively indicate them. Such, so called passive information collection, is made using different techniques and features. EMUES uses Google Analytics as the tool for data collection, analysis and statistics and this tool stores, inter alia, IP addresses, dates and times as well as visited websites. When information is collected through Google Analytics, Google Analytics’ terms and conditions and privacy policy applicable from time to time will apply.

Where your personal data is stored

All the data is stored in data centers in EU countries for optimal performance. The only personal data that leaves the EU is the name and email we send to our payment processor, Stripe, which is located in the US. All other third party services are located within the EU.


When you visit this website so called cookies will be saved on your computer. Cookies are text files which are placed in your computer and are used to, inter alia, analyze your use of the website, for login and provision of other services in connection with activities on the website. The information generated by such cookies through your use of the website (including your IP address) may be forwarded or stored on EMUES’ or mentioned third party’s servers.

If you do not wish to approve cookies, you can adjust the settings of your web browser so that it automatically denies storing of cookies. If you do this it may, however, imply that you cannot fully use the functions of the website. Through the web browser you can also delete previously stored cookies.

For further information on cookies, see

Use and Transfer of the Information

Unless otherwise stated, EMUES has the right to use the information that you give us for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and/or according to the terms and conditions for the services provided on the website. EMUES may use the information to adjust the website on the basis of what you indicate when you register on and use the website, for the purpose of fulfilling your wishes with regard to certain services and to communicate with you. The information may also be used to develop our services and improve the website, for statistics and analysis as well as for marketing purposes.

EMUES reserves the right to transfer personal data to another company within the EMUES group. Further, EMUES reserves the right to transfer person identifiable information due to current legislation, court decisions or other public provisions.

Third Party Websites

We kindly ask you to notice that there may be advertisements and commercial messages from third parties on the website. Further, there may be link functions which redirect you from to third party websites, which cannot be controlled by EMUES and for which EMUES is not the controller of personal data. Your use of third party websites shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions and the privacy policy applied on the web site in question from time to time. Thus, EMUES recommend that you pay attention when you are redirected to a third party website and that you always read the applicable terms and conditions and privacy policy on the website in question.

Third Parties With Whom Personal Information May Be Shared:

Party nameData disclosedPurpose Observations
Stripe, Inc., Complianceemail, nameTo associate the Stripe Customer ID with a Emues identifier for better billing tracking and fraud detection. Only for users who buy or sell products (tickets etc)
Sendgrid, Complianceemail, nameWe use Sendgrid for email delivery Only for users, who have notifications activated
Digital Ocean, ComplianceWe use Digital Ocean for hosting
Mailchimpemail, nameWe use mail chimp for newsletter delivery
Survey monkeyemail, nameWe use Survey Monkey for customer surveys


EMUES values your integrity and your safety and is therefore taking all possible actions to protect information against unauthorized access, change, disclosure and destruction. However, we want you to notice that risks are always involved when you send information through the Internet. Further, we ask you to handle and store your login information with care and not disclose this information to anyone unauthorized. Also, it is your responsibility to continuously update your contact information on

Access to the Information and Rectification

You have the right to access and export your data. You can contact us at and ask for a copy of your personal data.

You have the right to update your data. You can access your account and update any of your data. All your personal data is viewable and editable in your account.

You have the right to delete your data ("The right to be forgotten") or Object processing. You can achieve that by deleting your account. We do not keep your personal information after your account is deleted.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

EMUES reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time. Thus, you are recommended to continuously visit the web site in order to keep yourself updated.


If you have any concern about Emues, our privacy policy and your personal data you shared with us, please contact us at You matter to us, and we will make sure that your data remains safe.