The event platform developed for you.

Plan, sell, administrate and connect

Emues is the event platform, constantly developed to suit your needs. Get access to all functionality that you expect from an event platform and ticketing system, well, and much more. You’ll be up and running in 2 minutes.

We will help you get started!

Emues is quick and easy to work in, no start fees and no commitment periods.

Focusing on the experience

We are driven by the work to facilitate unique conditions for you to reach out with your events. Contact us, we look forward to discuss the best way for us to support your work.

Enhanced marketing

Get access to unique, easy to use tools to gain insights and opportunity to engage new audience. Choose a subscription level to get our experts to support your online marketing.

Engaged community

We believe in diversity, dedication and ambition. The development of Emues is based on the cordial commitment of our users and partners.

Developed continuously to meet your needs

We are always working to improve the conditions for you who organise events. The development takes place with our users and partners through various collaborative projects.

Possibility of crowdfunding

With our modern platform, you can easily and fully automated crowdfund your events.

Samspel - Tour Cooperation

Through this tour management tool, you as an organiser are offered tools for collarboation, networking and planning cross-border tours.

Create events, arrange and engage

Present your arrangements nicely with music and video, schedule when the tickets are to be released, connect with your social networks, link artist profiles to your event so new music releases and video clips are published directly on your event page. Follow sales live with statistics and insights.

Try today, get started quickly and easily

Whether you are looking for a new ticketing system or if you are interested in evaluating us in relation to your current, it's easy to get started. You sign up for free, and easily add events in less than 2 minutes. And if you have any questions, we'll be in a chat around the corner.

Enhance your marketing

Marketing your events online takes time and requires constant updated knowledge, all the time. We provide unique and simple tools for gaining insights, getting to know your audience, identifying new audiences, and engaging your audience. Choose one of our subscription levels where active online marketing from our experts is included.

Our heart beat

Together with artists, venues, arenas, organizers, producers, promoters, designers, IT experts and other music and culture lovers, we are actively working to provide an international platform that extends a little bit more to facilitate opportunities to make the entertainment industry in music and culture more inclusive, more diverse, more available and more profitable.

This is included

  • Easily create and publish concerts and events

    On Emues, it’s quick and easy to add your events and start selling tickets, you decide whether tickets will be available immediately or published at a specific time.

  • Table seating and numbered seats

    Offer numbered seats and scan tickets quickly and easily at multiple entrances with your Emues mobile app.

  • Guest List

    In our administration interface and in your Emues mobile app, you can manage the guest list, nicely and easily both before and during the event itself.

  • Statistics

    Keep track of statistics for your events, demographic charts, referrals and purchases, etc.

  • User Management

    Give employees and coworkers different access with different roles, depending on what they should do with Emues profile on the web and in the Emues mobile app. (Manager, Gate Keeper, Administrator)

  • Mobile app

    Scan tickets from one or multiple entrances, look up person manually, manage people on the guest list, keep track of how many visitors have entered.

  • Crowdfunding - listen to the crowd

    Our platform makes it possible to communicate with the audience, but also to give your audience the opportunity to participate and influence through crowdfunding.